How Travel Can Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

There is nothing better than that feeling of a clean slate at the beginning of the year. You’re finally going to lose that weight, get your home organized, live life to the fullest and travel more – right? Resolutions help us achieve our goals but they can also make us feel horrible when we inevitably experience setbacks or revert back to our old habits entirely. To help keep you on track with your resolutions, we put together some travel tips so you can take your resolution on a vacation because when you immerse yourself in a whole new mind-set you are more likely to keep at your goals for the long haul.

In theory, we all like the idea of travel and living life to the fullest. Some of us have made traveling a part of our lifestyle for years and some of us get hung up on the details and find ourselves too busy, or travel to too expensive to go anywhere . Remember travel can be regional not only international – check out what’s in your own backyard, and you will be amazed at how different life can be within a few miles or hours outside of your city or town (a staycation with us in Little Italy San Diego for our SoCal friends!). Be up for anything; you can explore and uncover some great travel in just a weekend. Need more than a weekend? USE ALL your vacation days; and get the most out of them by aligning them with long holiday weekends and get that request in early. Don’t be afraid to travel alone; if a destination is calling you, GO! There is a big world out there waiting for you and we are all only a wifi signal away from checking in and sharing our adventures with friends and family.

You’ve picked the destination, requested time off, told everyone about your trip and know it’s time to pay for it. Prioritize travel over material things during the time leading up to your trip. You will be amazed at how quickly cutting back on everyday purchases (Starbucks, eating lunch out, bar tabs) can add up. Put the money you save into in a travel fund and watch it grow. Book flights early and set alerts for specific flights you want to take – Google Flights, Kayak and Hopper (mobile only) make it easy and alert you when prices drop or when there is a deal. Technology has reduced transaction cost to the point where you can book a place to stay, arrange transportation, eat with a master chef and scout for street art with a local by taking advantage of the Sharing economy.

So now the question is, where will your travels take you in the upcoming year? We’d love to hear about your plans! If a vacation or staycation in San Diego is in the cards, remember to book your room early at our boutique Little Italy hotel. Discover one of Southern California’s best-kept secrets at La Pensione Hotel!

Work Hard Travel Harder