Little Italy Gelato Guide

Oh, gelato.

Just the thought of this frosty Italian goodness is enough to make me want to drop everything and head to our favorite gelato spots right now.

We’re not kidding when we say we have the best location in Little Italy. You are MERE STEPS away from gelato. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the building! We have gelato two blocks away. We have gelato across the street. We have gelato in the café downstairs…you get the picture.

Bottom line: Stay with us. Eat gelato. And your life will change for the better. Or, at least it will feel like it has.

Here’s where you can find gelato in Little Italy:

Photo credit: Susan N.

Photo credit: Susan N.

2 blocks away

San Diego locals love this place. And who can blame us? The gelato is handmade in their own kitchen and is always rich, smooth, and most importantly, delish. You can even try three flavors when you buy the medium. Expect TONS of flavors here, from Pumpkin, to Blood Orange, to Pistachio, to Nutella. Check it out and you’ll understand why there’s frequently a line out front.




Caffe ItaliaCaffe Italia

elevator ride away

Ever wish you could just roll out of bed and be handed a cup of something sweet? Yes, I’m sure you have. And, amazingly that is the reality for all of our guests who stay with us! Head down to our first floor and you’ll discover Caffe Italia – one of the most picturesque cafes in all of Little Italy (complete with a group of older Italian men conversing in their native tongue). Besides the espresso and cappuccino, you’ll find a hearty selection of six delectable gelato flavors (like Brownies and Caramel, Spumoni, and Espresso Bean), made by local gelato geniuses, Gelato Verro.


Caffe ZucceroCafé Zucchero
across the street

Simply walk cross the street and into Café Zucchero (roughly translated to ‘Café Sugar’), where you’ll find yourself staring at rows and rows of irresistible Italian sweets. There’s everything from puff pastries, to cannollis, to Tiramisu, to pastel-colored macaroons. But wait – you’re here for their gelato, remember? I go weak at the knees for their Coconut, but my friend loves the Hazelnut. They have a good-sized selection of flavors and a cute outdoor patio to enjoy your icy treat.

Want to be mere steps from these icy treats? Book here. Eat gelato. Thank us later.