Little Italy Small Biz Spotlight: Saffron & Sage

Experiences create memories that can last a lifetime. Scientific studies show that choosing to spend money on experiences instead of things can actually improve your life. When planning your next vacation (or staycation) in Little Italy, San Diego keep in mind that our neighborhood offers a diverse experience for everyone.

A Unique Experience in San Diego’s Little Italy

Looking for something to do in San Diego that’s a little bit different, uniquely natural, and right in our Little Italy neighborhood? Allow us to spotlight a local business we love: Saffron & Sage. This inspiring wellness and lifestyle brand founded by Cristin Smith is nestled in a little black house on India Street. Saffron & Sage is just few blocks from our boutique hotel. It provides group gatherings and individual offerings with a focus on therapeutic healing and natural living, opening to door to unique experiences that can truly change your life. Think: pop-up shops to curated conversations through Balboa Park, Nutritional Therapy, Yoga and more.

We had the pleasure of attending a Mindfulness Workshop and Moon Circle and were impressed by the authenticity and emotion associated with each offering. When we share an experience and energy with a group of people, a unique connection is forged and there will never be a moment like that again. That’s pretty heavy stuff and we love it.

Connect with Saffron & Sage to Learn More

Follow the Saffron & Sage event page on Facebook and visit the website event calendar before your next trip to Little Italy. Get ready to enjoy an experience that will stay with you forever when you plan an event at Little Italy’s Saffron & Sage. A few upcoming events include “The Art of Eating” on June 26 and a New Moon Circle & Tea Ceremony on June 28.

Business: Saffron & Sage

Owner: Cristin Smith

Location: 2314 India Street, San Diego, CA, 92101


Instagram @saffronandsageus

Facebook @saffronandsagetherapeuticliving